We launched Light Church just over a year ago and are already seeing 350 people every Sunday, our teams are strong and healthy, our leadership is passionate and mature and the city is being reached with the Gospel! We are more than convinced that so much of this fruit is because of the intentional coaching and encouragement Pastor Justice has provided over this last year. This leadership development has been transformational for our church and I cannot recommend it enough for any church planter. 

Benji and Jen HorningLight Church / San Diego, CA

Momentum Coaching has been a game changer for our church. Each session has been challenging yet life-giving. We are already seeing results from the implemented practices. Momentum will not only help your church grow, but help you grow as a leader.

Ezra Stanton Mission Church / Austin, Texas.

Because of Momentum Coaching we are reaching more of the unchurched than ever before. We have implemented an effective and focused assimilation class to plug people into the church and adding a second service!

Leaf ZwerlingThe Shepherd's House Church / Thousand Oaks, CA

Momentum has really helped me break through growth barriers through strategic planning, effective marketing and relational evangelism. Pastor Justice really connects with his team, positively reinforces them and reassures them to adjust to the S Curve, highs and lows of ministry.

Trevon Evans New Way Bible Church / Los Angeles, CA

After 4 years of pastoring we experienced barriers to growth. Momentum has given me the tools and key learnings we needed and now we are beginning to experience amazing growth!

Donnie Murry Abundant Life / Long Beach, CA

I have experienced a lot of coaching and informal training over the past thirty-some years of pastoral ministry.  Momentum Coaching Cohort has been the most impactful and renewing.  Our church was in decline for many years.  I was way to close to throwing in the towel.  Fortunately God sustained me and providentially connected me with Momentum Coaching.  Hanging out with Justice and Maria Coleman, his team and other young church planters lit a fire in my heart, renewed my vision for reaching our city, and gave me the tools to work with God and remove the barriers to growth at Hope Chapel. I am happy to say we are growing again!  Moral is high, people are being saved and transformed every week! Last Easter we had 102 people in one service.  This Easter we had 250 people in three services. I cannot overstate the value I have received from Momentum.

Jeff Fischer Hope Chapel of the Valley / Winnetka, CA

"Momentum has helped me become so intentional in strategy and development in reaching the lost.”

Kevin LewisLighthouse Church / Newbury Park, CA

If you are looking to reach those far from God and ignite your church and leadership for God’s mission, I cannot recommend Momentum enough for any church leader. 

Ali Roohi Centerset Church / Silcon Valley, CA